The New Teacher Project (TNTP) has completed their Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment of Calhoun County Schools. TNTP is continuing to work with Orangeburg County Schools to complete their assessment by mid-January 2023. The purpose of the comprehensive assessment is to identify challenges, strengths, learning gaps, gaps in instruction and teacher perspectives as it relates to the overall culture/climate of schools visited in each district.

Information from the studies will allow TNTP to place a laser focus on identified weaknesses and strengths. TNTP will use these results to tailor professional development to address specific needs of schools in the areas that may be impeding progress. Additionally, these findings will help the Achievement Specialists and Virtual Coaches narrow the scope of assistance they will provide to individuals, small groups, grade bans and grade levels.

The assessment results will be shared with district superintendents, assistant superintendents for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and principals between by January 2023.