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Welcome to the LIFE2 Website

Welcome Educators,

LIFE2: Leveraging Innovation for Educator Excellence is a TSL grant focused on providing educational support for Calhoun and Orangeburg County school districts. The goals of the grant include recruiting and retaining certified educators, supporting, improving and increasing teacher efficacy and building capacity of teachers and school leaders. Signing bonuses and incentive bonuses are available.

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” ~ Malcolm X

Our Services

Equity Analysis and Support

Supporting Orangeburg and Calhoun County districts to identify and eliminate gaps in opportunity and access for all students.

Leadership Academies

Providing meaningful professional learning opportunities for current and aspiring leaders.

Professional Learning and Coaching

Providing education leaders with research-based levers to drive school improvement.

Recruitment and Retention

Helping our districts implement strategies to recruit, retain, and promote highly-effective educators.

Strategic Planning

Helping Orangeburg and Calhoun County School Districts create and implement a plan that brings bold and equitable change.

Our Partners

We are thankful for the people and organizations who stand behind our mission and vision and help make this TSL grant happen at the MCDC.