Ruby Marie Hallman
Orangeburg County School District
Hunter Kinard Tyler Middle High School

In a profession that sometimes feel like a “thankless job,” receiving the extra check provided restoration in the belief that our job matters. It was a boost I needed to go a little further. (MS ELA Instructor)

While we do not teach for the money, it was rewarding that our efforts were recognized. Thank you, LIFE2, for treating teachers like the professionals that we are. (HS SS Instructor)

The compensation reward was encouraging and appreciated. This is the first time in my 50+ career that monies were available to give a monetary reward for my students’ performance on a state test. This reward was a morale booster for me and inspires me to work harder in helping my students achieve their best. (HS Science Instructor)

In the education arena, Performance-Based Compensation is an effective incentive to motivate and reward teachers for being more productive. I feel that Performance-Based Compensation has advantages such as increased employee retention, better recruiting, and higher performance. As a teacher, it is rewarding to be recognized for productivity and student achievement. Hopefully, this Performance-Based Compensation can be continued to further encourage teachers to strive to help students advance. (HS SS Instructor)

Personally, I think that it is an excellent opportunity for the district and the students. From the perspective of the staff, I think that this measure is necessary to reward teachers for their diligence and the hard work that they put in working with students. Sometimes, teachers get unnoticed for their efforts, and LIFE2 highlights the small accomplishments made in the classroom. Teachers can use this grant to enhance classroom resources that they might not normally have access to and give students more educational opportunities. We welcome anything that will benefit the district, staff, and students. Kudo, LIFE2. (HS ELA Instructor)