Our History

The Midlands Community Development Corporation (MCDC) was incorporated and received tax exempt 501c3 status in 1998. Its mission has always been to provide needed services to members of the community and their families. Affiliation with the Bible Way Church of Atlas Road, its parent organization, is not required to receive services at the MCDC. However, free and fee for service programs are offered at the MCDC. Like many non-profit organizations in the Midlands area, the MCDC has experienced a decline in governmental and public financial support over the past several years. These decreases, combined with an increase in demands for services provided by the MCDC, have required the MCDC to seek new funding streams to support this need. Additionally, the cost to operate the C. R. Neal Dream Center building (utilities, etc.) which is more than 50 years old, requires constant maintenance and repairs. These repairs are costlier, because of the age of the building, poor insulation, old pipes, windows, doors and floors that are from the original construction. The 14 member MCDC Board of Directors is a diverse group of professionals. They are committed to assisting the MCDC in fulfilling its mission and purpose. They represent various sectors of the community (business, education, medical, faith, government, and local advocates). The MCDC Staff wear multiple hats and are instrumental in assisting several programs at the Center. These dedicated staff members are also engaged in outreach to the community, as well as working to increase partnerships.