Showing ‘integrity’ and ‘intent’ are essential in building trusting, reciprocal relationships.  This concept is equally as important to entry and acceptance into our partner schools.  The elements of ‘integrity’ and ‘intent’ applied to our partner schools are the prelude to onboarding and creating a trusting ‘buy-in’ environment for everyone to work collaboratively.

As a LIFE2/TSL Achievement Specialist focusing on middle and high schools (grades 6 through 12) in Calhoun and Orangeburg County School Districts, I serve a total of 19 academic sites. In my capacity, I conduct classroom observations of identified (by the principal) core area teachers and provide timely academic feedback.  In addition, another important function is to analyze teachers’ student achievement results to determine the teachers’ eligibility for a Performance-Based Compensation Stipend.

During my journey of classroom observations, I directly interact with 31 middle school teachers and 29 high school teachers, making a total of 60 teachers.  This journey is not just one way to get me to my destination of improving and increasing the ability of the teacher to be successful with his/her students.  This journey consists of a scenic route.  I am reminded of beautiful roadside sites that take me down ‘memory lane’; such as, idioms, euphemisms, ellipsis, verbals, DNA, simplifying equations, lithospheric plate boundaries, ectothermic and endothermic, the Gilded Age, etc.

Acting as a guest in each of my friends’ nineteen houses, I would like to share some of their gracious insights as to the impact of the LIFE2/TSL grant, along with the collaboration of the Achievement Specialist in their respective schools.  Stay tuned!